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-Ejects all removable media automatically on shutdown, or notifies you that media is present and ejects it after confirmation -Supports auto, on and off and delay value for ejecting media -Supports drag and drop functionality to easily decide where to eject media -Supports standard, low-level and high-level drivers to be compatible with different devices -Quickly launch/close with the right button of your mouse -Supports File Rename -Supports Global Hotkey for quick eject/insert -Customizable Message popup window as described in Config Menu -System tray icon for quick launching/closing -Execute whether HDD is on or not Fast Uninstaller is a small tool that will scan your hard drive for all the files that may be left over after the uninstall of your current software. These files can stay on your hard drive even if you did not unistall the current software. Fast Uninstaller Description: -Automatically scans the disk with no Internet connection -Support drag and drop functionality to decide where to scan -Search for left over files inside all the program files and system directories -Recover deleted application in Windows Vista/7 -Uninstall and Reinstall software from the Windows Add/Remove Programs in One Click V-Reel VTR is a small, easy-to-use video capture application that allows you to record video and audio from your screen, webcam, V-Chip, audio device and the mic. V-Reel VTR can be used for online streaming video recording and private video communication. You can capture videos in VGA, S-Video, Composite Video, YUV 4:4:4, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0, YUV 4:1:1, YUV 2:2:0, YUV 2:1:1, YUV 2:0:0 and YUV 1:1:1. V-Reel VTR Description: -Easy to use for video chatting -Record video or audio from screen -Easy to use with webcam -Recording sound -Record video or audio from audio devices including microphone -High quality video -Implementation of Window’s API -High resolution video -Video/audio playback -Captured video/audio preview Quick Tools Professional is a handy tool which help you to remove hard disk errors, warning a5204a7ec7

Smart Eject Cracked Accounts is an essential tool for anyone who likes to keep their media safe! Main features: ?- Can safely eject any removable media before shutdown or restart! ?- Notifies about media presence before shutdown! ?- Allows you to always check for a media presence before restarting! ?- Removable media are automatically ejected when restarting Windows! ?- No matter what method of manual ejection has been used, media is automatically ejected! ?- You can eject media by just pressing (CTRL+SHIFT+E) key combination! ?- You can eject media only after you confirm! ?- Removable media are disabled when you shutdown Windows! ?- Supports all types of removable media - CDs, DVDs, USB devices, flash drives, memory cards,... ?- Runs all the time, even when not needed! ?- Usage is easy, either just select the option you want to use or choose by using the context-menu! ?- No installation is required! ?- No action is required for Auto-ejecting! ?- Very easy to use and understand! ?- Easy to customize! ?- Various types of events are supported: ?- Key combination (CTRL+SHIFT+E) ?- Poweroff of Windows ?- Poweroff of your PC ?- Shutdown of Windows ?- Shutdown of your PC ?- Boot of Windows ?- Reboot of your PC ?- Tray Icon ?- List of errors ?- Progress bar ?- Notify when no media is present ?- Notify if media not present ?- Notify when media is present ?- Notify when media not present ?- Notify if media is present ?- Notify if media not present ?- Delay the operation if media is not present ?- Ignore mode ?- Deleted files ?- Ejected removable media ?- Launched applications ?- Other events Main Requirements: ?- Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8/Windows 10 ?- Any type of removable media, such as CD, DVD, USB device, memory card, flash drive,... ?- Several files with extensions: autorun, bat, cmd, exe, ocx, reg, shl, sln, vb, yxi,... ?- Any

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